01 June 2011

Minneapple | Nice ride!

Memorial Day weekend meant packing up for my big move (to a new apartment - more on that soon!) but I did allow myself one day of no packing or purging. Saturday I decided it was high time I checked out the Mill City Farmer's Market, and what better way to get there than by bike. Though I've not yet found a bike of my very own the Nice Ride bikes scattered across the city are convenient and with a bit of patience and planning you can keep it to about $5 for your entire outing.

Mill City is a local 'waste-free' market and while taking in spectacular views of the Mississippi and the beautiful old mills you can find just about anything you'd ever want or maybe, like me, you never knew such things existed - from Danish Æbleskiver to Minnesota specialties like Chokeberry Jam and wild rice blueberry pancakes. My favourite stall was 'Classic Tailors' who've turned feedsacks into jackets, bloomers and dresses, and all the while keeping it very affordable considering the materials.

One of the highlights of the day was taking the Cedar Lake trail (the first bicycle 'freeway' in the U.S.) back to Kenwood and making a stop at the 'hidden beach', which I just learned was once the only nude beach in the Twin Cities. The cherry on top? An iced coffee from Kenwood Cafe and a rest on the dock.

p.s. When I first moved to Minneapolis Rhiannon sent me some lovely recommendations. You can see some of her Twin Cities favourites here. I'm delighted to be among them.


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Great post!


tschitschi said...

looks like a nice day - how great that they have bikes like that for people to borrow in the city!

Fashion Forestry said...

So when do you think your going to make it over here in London?

Michelle Lee said...

lovely post :)


Anonymous said...

I've only just begun reading your blog and I'm already hooked. Keep the posts coming, please!

lilyfm said...

I love your blog header, it's adorable!

Kailey said...

Ah, I absolutely love your bike! ^^

helen @ thelovecatsINC said...

best. trousers. ever. really lovely post you have here :)

also, just wanted to say that i love your blog and will definitely be keeping up with future posts!

from, helen @ thelovecatsINC


Angela said...

Hello there,

its been a year now since you have updated your blog..are u ok?

Cat said...

I LOVE your outfit - I have a huge collection of old photographs and you remind me of one of the many 1940s sirens in those photos! I just stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did, following now :)


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