04 May 2011

Around the house: Picture window.

Though my window sills are not deep enough for pillow nesting or curling up with a good book, they are the perfect place to display some of my favourite bits of nostalgia, including the insulators I nabbed from my cousin Tony's house, seashells from Topsail Beach, and old Vicks drops bottles given to me by Henry. There's a little story behind each one and a much more pleasant view to boot.


Stacye said...

That Starfish bottle is really unusual. Was it for men's cologne or something?

Jessica said...

It belonged to my maternal grandmother and was filled at one time with Avon Skin-so-soft (one of her favourites!) bath oil. They should bring it back!

vintagevixxen said...

Is that lovely little seahorse Avon too? He is great!

Jessica said...

Thank you! The seahorse is the same as the 'starfish' - I meant to clarify. Link above - he is very lovely indeed.

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