14 April 2011

Pattern recognition | White wash.

A recent work trip granted me four glorious days in New York, my first time visiting the city in - gasp - ten years! I spent the majority of my time at MoMA PS1, and when I wasn't deep into work I was either daydreaming about the rich history of the building or drooling over the peeling patina inside.

borough * The First Ward Primary School - later PS1 - was Long Island City's first school and the largest in all of Long Island when it was constructed in 1892-3.

My mind raced as I took in the original flooring, lighting, sinks... so many of the studious stylings had been retained. I'm so happy I got to go there when I did, because the last day of my visit the third floor, the last floor with colours instead of white walls, was getting white washed! Can you believe it...?

1 comment:

Adam Thompson said...

That floor whitewashing is criminal! Lovely photos Jess, thanks for sharing them. Hope all's well with you.

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