26 April 2011

Minneapple | Find your prize.

I've been making the rounds at thrift and antique stores here in my new 'hometown' - big surprise there right? And though I quickly discovered several favourites I'm always up for finding more. Thanks to my friend Brooke I now know that the number 6 bus will let you out right in front of Hunt & Gather, a self-described 'unique antique-style shop' exploding with trinkets of all sorts. Their slogan is 'find your prize' and it's very accurate! You can really have a good rummage in the space, you're sure to find something you can't live without. My favourite part was the basement, where all of these photos were snapped. Different 'booths' are set up, I assume by different sellers, and each one transports you magically from one theme and era to the next. It was so much fun to spend a good chunk of time down there, and I walked away with a denim clothespin bag filled with old clothespins. I'll be going back very soon to check out the ground floor wares!

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