18 April 2011

Family wreath: Mysteries and daydreams.

My Nana and her brother spent their childhood in a South Carolina orphanage following the death of their mother and younger sister. Little is known about her childhood aside from the horror stories she would tell about life growing up in the orphanage. As soon as she could leave the orphanage she did.

After Nana's house was cleaned out my cousin passed along to me a huge tote filled with photo albums and other ephemera, which I am slowly making my way through. These are just a few photographs from one of the albums, the cover of which has come loose. The thick black construction paper pages have sadly suffered water damage, leaving them wavy and fragile. Many of the photos have been removed over time and only one or two have names or places written on them. It is quite the mystery, but I am fairly certain these photographs were taken between my Nana leaving the orphanage and making North Carolina her permanent home. I am half-tempted to try removing the photos from their pages to see if any information can be discovered, but for the moment I am happy to daydream about Nana's adventures with friends and perhaps even her first love.

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