30 April 2011

Bookmark | The World of Gloria Vanderbilt.

I first saw The World of Gloria Vanderbilt on display at my local bookshop, and after a quick flip through I was in love. I have always known G.V. for her glorious-fitting jeans, much like the ones below, which I wore until they just didn't fit right. I have a swan-handled umbrella as well as an old t-shirt, but you just don't come across the old G.V. stuff as often as you do other designers.

The World of Gloria Vanderbilt lays out its subject's life in photographs, ephemera and interviews. What a young stunner she was, and the stories she recounts of her upbringing reveal sadness and heartbreak, wealth and opportunity, romance and more romance.

Her fashion, art and design links are detailed and her interest in interior design, which I knew little about, was sparked when as a teenager she was allowed to decorate her own room and chose an Egyptian theme. Her decorating style is best described as eccentric, and she is a collector of anything and everything. Every surface of her homes and studios are filled with patterns and textures, from wallpaper of her own design to patchwork floors and quilt-covered doors. Many of her rooms remind me of Charleston Farmhouse with its personalised and pain-staked touches. I would be happy to call any of G.V.'s rooms 'home', and can only hope that one day they will be open for visitors to have a good nose around!


Love_Again said...

gosh. looks like a beautifully colourful life!

tschitschi said...

Looks like she made some pretty cool stuff!

Frances said...

incredible... xxx frances

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