14 February 2011

09 February 2011

Secret family recipes.

It isn't Christmas in my family 'til you've snuck a Martha Washington from the refrigerator or the scent of my Nana's Scrabble has infiltrated the house. Having been away for two Christmases in a row I had plenty to make up for. I baked small batches of Scrabble and gifted them in assorted oatmeal and Pringles cans covered with wrapping papers, just like Nana used to do.
My mom and I started a new tradition based on the old. We handed out our very own Whitman's sampler: a box of (four or eight) candies we made using family recipes and home-grown pecans for Martha Washington's, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Mounds (also called Merry Christmas Candy) and Marshmallow Fudge. I'm tempted to whip up some Martha Washington's for Valentines Day, but the box with four varieties - named for my two grandmothers Fannie & Savannah - is an effort worthy just once a year. I hope all the lucky recipients saved their boxes for a refill.
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