30 August 2010

Just passing through.

Hitting up antique malls and old stand-by's. Pinching pennies and daydreaming. Clearing out the attic and hearing all the old stories again . . . Just a few of the ways I've been passing the time!

28 August 2010

Scenic by-way.

A drive around eastern North Carolina fills my heart with love for tobacco barns, front porches and visions of a simpler time. And though I've started to get ancy about what comes next (and when, when?!), a look around puts me right at ease - if only for that moment. Sticky handfuls of tobacco flowers are the icing on the cake.

27 August 2010

Good eats: Makin' up for lost time.

Since I got home one thing I've been doing a lot of is eating. It's a big part of life down South and comfort food is definitely one of the things I always missed while I was away - country food just wasn't on the menu in London. I've been sampling lots of cakes, country restaurants and most beloved of all, nothing beats my Mama's cookin'.

22 August 2010

Long distance.

It feels a very long way from this
to this
Some peeks into what I've been up to in my next post.
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