27 December 2010

It's that time again.

The freezing temperatures and blanket of snow arrived just in time to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We have pecan goodies a-plenty at the holidays (and all year long) thanks to three large trees at our family homestead. As a child I dreaded hearing 'it's that time again. .' , but this year - the first time I've been around for a harvest in many a moon - the visions of Chewies, cookies and candies kept my bucket full and my spirits high.
CIMG2674 CIMG2726 CIMG2656 CIMG2681 CIMG2731 CIMG2716 CIMG2704 CIMG2663 CIMG2651 CIMG2706 CIMG2732

1 comment:

Ellerby said...

These are my favourite harvesting tools ever!!!!

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