30 December 2010

Fresh fields.

2010 brought with it new challenges, tearful good-byes and exciting surprises. A big part of me is ready to welcome a new year with open arms. Along with a heaping helping of collards and black-eyed peas, I'm ringing in 2011 with a major move to Minneapolis, where I've landed a new job. More about that later.. . For now I am neck-deep in all-things-moving - apartment hunting, packing, winter boot scouting and psyching myself up to be the new girl in town again.
I'm looking very forward to getting back to work, exploring an unknown-t0-me city and seeing where this next step takes me. Tips and advice are most welcome! Looks like 2011 is gonna be a great year. See you on the other side.


abby said...

Good luck wishes on the new move. I went to the U and miss Mpls on a daily basis. Oh the lakes in the summertime -- nothing beats them! In time, go visit Stillwater -- you'll see some antiques there.

3 shops you must check out (because the owners of all 3 are very nice people). Blacklist Vintage. Kopplins Coffee. Butter Bakery.

Enjoy the snow!!

Q's Daydream said...

Congrats on the new job!
Happy New Year!

Sara in America said...

wow! you're moving to minneapolis?! i'm a long time reader (and fellow smog fan) and i live there - doing my phd in film and cultural studies. congrats on the new job! happy new year!

(and i agree with abby on blacklist vintage and butter bakery. butter is super cozy and great for work)

Sara in America said...

oh, and i should say -- feel free to email me for tips, etc! i also moved here from a big city and it can be hard at first.

my name's Morgan. said...

Wow, the move would be so exciting (probably stressful too, id guess!).
Ive just come across your blog today...and i absolutely love your header, its great.


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