08 December 2010

Branded: Caractère.

I can never have too many pouches or zippered vessels it seems. Between the ones I make and the ones I pick up in charity shops, I would be afraid to count them! I saw this 'Caractère' pouch in a Scope shop just days before I left London. Mind you I was faced with mounds of clothing and junk to get rid of, and just as much to cram into my suitcases. But I couldn't leave it behind. The heavy brown canvas and woven 'luggage' stripe lured me right in. Months went by and I thought, hmm, what or who is this 'Caractère? I was delighted by what I found.
Caractère - I learned after much searching - is a men's fragrance launched by Daniel Hechter in 1989. Presented in a bottle designed by Pierre Dinand, who has created more than 500 perfume bottles, Caractère is described as a 'dry woods fragrance for men - smooth, warm, accomplished and distinctive', with top notes of artemisia, bergamot and lemon; heart notes of Jasmin, Carnation and basil; and base notes of oak moss, leather and cedar wood. I have my doubts the scent of Caractère (now discontinued) could distract me from the beautiful colour blocks and stripes of its exterior.
Legend has it that Mr Hechter's son, the handsome Caractère, used to hang out with a crowd of equally good-looking guys - Joint, Omar Sharif, Lord Molyneux, Free Life, Marbert Gentleman, etc. Sweet Jane used to tell them: 'All you boys are real babe magnets, so smooth and so cool when you dance to that fine, fine music! But I've got to tell you, guys, Caractère's got the edge, Caractère's got smoothness squared, Caractère's got coolness cubed, Caractère can really make the cutecakes crumble!' It's all right there in the packaging, wouldn't you agree?

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