30 November 2010

Where is she now?

The thrift gods were watching over me during a recent trip to Salvation Army when I spotted this little cotton-canvas tote for 99 cents.
I'm not sure what I like most about it. The raw edges and perma-creases. The stripes. The colours that seem to go with everything I wear nowadays. Lying flat and folded it forms a perfect crayon-like point. Standing tall it liberates a lunch bag-sized vessel I can fill with all my daily essentials.
Of course I also like that it was made by a lady named Marion Webster 'especially for me'. I wonder who she made the bag for, and when. I admire her crisp edges, fraying ends and jaggedy stitches. And boy was she good at matching up stripes. Where is MW now?


Frances said...

Love it!!! xxx

Darling L said...

Wat a great find! :)

Nicole said...

That looks like the perfect size to carry a wine bottle! For picnics maybe?

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