18 October 2010

Royal mail.

post office, comfort, nc.

A short walk to our little post office can be the highlight of a quiet day. Inside a small parcel from my friend Sophie I unwrapped a bottle of 'Tobacco Flower'- a fragrance released by the Body Shop in 2000 - still in its original box! Did you ever have it? A whiff of this now sadly discontinued fragrance takes me back to my year abroad in Germany, now ten years past (!). When my mom and two of her girlfriends came to visit they bought me a bottle of this while we were waiting at the airport for their departure. I kept it for a long while after that but have since lost it.
When I am smack-dab in the middle of city living or deep in the darkness of Winter, the scent of tobacco tops will remind me of summers in the countryside. I am so happy you found this Sophie! Next time I'm in London I hope we can hit some of those Southend-on-Sea charity shops.
almost heaven.

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