12 September 2010

Scrap exchange no. 17: How the west was worn.

I came across these scans last nite in my photo files, and after a lil' dig through my blog archive, I realised I never posted these lovely scans from How the West Was Worn for you. The tobacco trucks ride by here each day filled to the brim and the cotton boils are opening up to produce white speckled fields, just two of the budding signs that Fall is on its way. I would be tickled pink to incorporate any one of these beauties into my Autumn rotation, wouldn't you?
Trudy Hall rodeo print rayon dress, 1940s
SCCS1777708120112151 Lace-up boots, jodphurs, silk sash, Stetson hat and lucky number 13, which once belonged to cowgirl Bonnie Gray, c. 1920-30
SCCS1777708112619490 Show jacket from 101 Ranch Real Wild West Show, c. 1914
SCCS1777708112619490 Cowgirl Dell Jones in her typical fringed split skirt with finely fashioned Olathe boots, cotton blouse and Stetson hat
SCCS1777708120112151 Fringed leather outfit that once belonged to Caroline Lockhart, c. 1930-40
SCCS1777708120112180 1940s square dancers
SCCS1777708120112190 1950s wool outfit by Fay Ward
SCCS1777708120112200 Chimayo (New Mexico) fabric coats, c. 1920s
Scans from How the West was Worn: A Complete History of Western Wear, 2001 Holly-George Warren and Michele Freedman Published by Harry N. Abrahms, Inc.


Helen from Clio's Curiosities said...

I love love that first dress - the print is totally amazing! Have just stumbled across your blog and it looks amazing - right up my street, with secrets and a stirring of history - I'll be back.

Dakota C. Walsh said...

Ohh, I also just found your blog recently, and I'm in love with all the vintage and Southern charm.

I just had to comment on this post, though, because these clothes are seriously what my dreams are made of! I might have to try and find that book on amazon...

Love_Again said...

yes indeed! the dress is amazing, and i love the old photos.

jessica said...

Hi ladies! Thanks so much for checking out my space, I look forward to seeing yours a bit later. . .

I found the book at a library but it is also very affordable used in online shops. Looking at these scans again makes me wonder why I haven't already bought the book myself!

meganbarkley said...

I love those old pictures. When I was a little girl, I swore up and down I was going to be a professional cowgirl. And let's just say, I'm not haha

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