21 September 2010

The golden hour.

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The golden hour has become my favourite time of day, anything and everything seems possible when the world is covered with a dewy glow. A couple Sundays ago my mom and I headed over to a nearby farm at golden hour to take some pictures of a polka-dotted cotton patch - and it's a good thing we did, because the patch was harvested the very next day! When I was about eight years old I was really into classic country and Alabama's 'High Cotton' was one of my top tunes. Perhaps a video reenactment is in order?
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<span class= There are still a few fields in bloom around so you just might see me pickin' cotton again soon!


Q's Daydream said...

These are lovely! Golden hour is my favorite time for pictures too!
How far are you from Nashville TN? I remember when I was still living in Maine reading your blog when you were home in NC and longing so much for the south. Now I'm here! hehe ;o)

Dakota C. Walsh said...

These look like film stills; they're so, so gorgeous!
I've never heard the term "golden hour" for that lovely gold-lit evening time, but I'm going to start using it for sure. That's my favorite time as well; everything's prettier and it's like living in a dream.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

Lovely outfit, and I've never seen cotton plants before! I hear that they are murder to harvest (at least by hand). Your outfit is lovely, and I too have been enjoying the golden hour lately. The lighting is so naturally beautiful that it's almost a shame to take pictures at other times!

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Xavi said...

Oh my god, I've just discovered Alabama group souns nice. And his spoken English is very stryghtforward by me, a dummie in listening English. Thanks. Nice fields, I like rural areas everywhere. And... your blouse. Is perfecte, the way to wear that you uses, big pointed collar (buttoned up, of course), big buttons, the dessign, everything. Is fantastic!!!

jessica said...

Thanks so much you guys!

Quincy, I've just checked and I am a twelve hour drive from Nashville. Seeing and reading about it on your blog and on Blooming Leopold has really made me want to visit more than ever before. I've also applied for a job there so who knows! The South is lovely this time of year but I have a feeling I won't end up here. Time will tell!

Dakota, I'm glad you like it. I didn't know the phrase until my boyfriend said it one evening when we were out. I love it!

Emily, my 'harvest' was very small, the fields around here are done with machines. When my mom was young she picked cotton one year so she could go to the State Fair - 10 cents a pound she got! Needless to say it was a one-off gig.

And Xavi, I'm glad you like Alabama, not sure what they're up to these days. The blouse is an old Sears 'Junior' dress which I've shortened and recently made into cuffed short sleeves. It is a favourite year round.

One of us said...

I so enjoy following your escapades, stay gorgeous lovely xoxoxo

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I am a fellow vintage lover <3

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