15 September 2010

From the vault: Vintage wrapping papers.

Who doesn't like to receive a present neatly wrapped and tied up with a bow? I love to give presents, no matter how big or small. More than seeking out that special somethin' I am most excited to wrap it up! Lately I've taken to designing and making my own wrapping papers as I am particularly fond of brown Kraft paper. Last Winter I tied printed paper with Coronation ribbon and tags for Growin' Up goods.
Other times I use pre-made papers which I've collected from thrift stores or inherited from my grandmothers. I can't bear to part with the originals (!) except for very special moments, so instead I print the scans out onto plain paper, pair with vintage trims and ribbons and voila! A smile every time. I wanted to share some favourites with you here, and I've already selected a few more for an upcoming post. The first one would be especially sweet to wrap up all of Anja's Cat Week treats, and the 'denim barnyard' is one of my all-time faves. Enjoy!
kitties denim farm
birthday pandas


Frances Baker said...

So cute! And that parcel you made is beautiful! I am definitely the same when it comes to wrapping.. its a chance to get a bit creative and make something pretty and I also think for the receiver it adds so much to the pleasure of the gift!

catherine_sr. said...

Your parcel has given me some inspiration for packages I have to send soon. And I would totally wear that kitten print as a dress!
the renegade bean

jessica said...

Thank you ladies, I hope you will post some photos of your wrappings!

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