17 July 2010

Perfect, indeed.

The week before I left, South London was tuggin' on my heartstrings like never before. I had fallen. . . hard. When I'd had enough of packing, I went on 'holiday' again. I spent one of many perfect afternoons exploring the Horniman Museum and its 16 acres of gardens, which opened in Forest Hill in 1901.
The darkened Natural History Gallery was my favourite bit, with hundreds of stuffed animals, many now extinct, enveloped in the most beautiful nomenclature graphics and raised lettering. If only more museums would keep their traditional, elegant methods of display. The invigilator told us that many of the cases are very fragile and when opened emit toxic fumes! The Museum plans to revise the display cases as much of the information is now out of date, but we've been reassured the graphics will not change.
After taking in such inspiring views what could be better than a picnic lunch in the ornamental gardens, a nature walk and pause at the 1912 bandstand, and to top it all off lemonade by the Victorian conservatory? A perfect afternoon, indeed.


Xavi said...

Victorian buildings and looks are fantastic. A nice walk to relax. Thaks for the welcoming. I like your blog and It's usefull to me in order to practice my poor writen english.

Rebecca said...

I love reading your blog because you find all the most interesting places in London that I have never heard of. I think I'm going to have to go to the picture library in your last post - sounds like heaven for a bookworm.

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