12 July 2010

Getaway! - Back to Wales.

My childhood kitchen was filled with strawberries - my mom collected everything from napkin rings to spoon rests. What can I say, they are also my favourite berry, with Strawberry Shortcake adorning my bed sheets and birthday cakes. Imagine my delight when my first-ever (!) camping trip was at a farm in Wales which had a 'Pick-Your-Own'. Not only that, the farm was situated just by the beach! A windy walk along the Worm's Head, fish and chips at sunset and waking up outdoors. I will remember Nicholaston fondly for a long time to come.


Love_Again said...

strawberry pickin' is the best summer fun!

meganbarkley said...

oh my gosh! That looks like so much fun! I wish I lived in Wales, and not Kansas! lol

Emily said...

Looks like you get up to all sorts of fun stuff that I would love to do! Nice lace-trimmed jacket, by the way!

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