08 June 2010

Scrap Exchange no. 15: Faulkner's Mississippi.

So that decision I was making. . .? I made it! At 8 pm last nite. And that decision means I have to leave London, in a little less than one month's time. It's not what I want but it's what has to be, as I've not had any luck finding any thing else (job, visa) to help keep me here. And eight months is a long enough limbo. Thinking forward to 'home', I think of rural North Carolina and all the things I love about it. And although these photographs by William Eggleston are of William Faulkner's mythic Yoknapatawpha County, Mississippi, not NC, they come pretty close to feeling like home. Though today I am teary-eyed and scared to bits of what happens next, at the top of my 'to-do' list is to max out my last few weeks in London. Any recommendations?
Scans from Faulkner’s Mississippi

Text by Willie Morris Photographs by William Eggleston Published by Oxmoor House, Inc., 1990


diariodeunacouturier said...

in Spain we say that when a door is closing, always a new window is opening. The life it is so long that you do not know what it is going to happen when you will come back home, and London always will be your place

broom people said...

Oh, Jess! I hope you're feeling better having decided one way or another. I'm sure after being away so long home will have a whole bunch of new things and familiar things to be excited about.

Gopher said...

hi jess, I'm regularly checking your blog since I saw your photos on wardrobe remix about - i dunno - already 4 years ago, maybe. I love to read what you do and I like the fact that I never met you and probably never will but that I nevertheless love to read your posts once in a while. hello from Hamburg, Germany and good luck to you! Sends Ms. Hanssen!

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