16 June 2010

Getaway! - Falmouth part 2: The cream is the crown.

Just as much fun as checking out the sights is checking out the eats, right? Fish and chips, pasties, freshly caught mussels, Cornish cream tea, scones. . .! I had to try it all. We went to a lovely cafe - the Cavendish Coffee House - where they de-mystified the Cornwall vs. Devon scone challenge. In Devon you have your scone jam first, cream on top. In Cornwall, as they say, 'the cream is the crown' sitting atop the jam. Though heavenly either way, my vote is for Cornwall!
I've still not got my head around all the British celebrity chefs, but was told not-to-miss Rick Stein's fish and chips. It was so delicious we went two nites in a row!
A ferry ride to St Mawes was just what we needed for a happy Sunday, complete with a demonstration of 1830s diving gear and collecting shells by the sea.
On the way back to London we stopped by the Eden Project, which I must admit I didn't know very much about. It was a bit too kid-oriented for me but I fell in love with the Biodomes. I left wishing the views from the Mediterranean Dome were that of my living room. The station at St Austell is just heart-breaking, I hope they don't rip out this little bit of nostalgia anytime soon.
For now it's farewell Cornwall. I hope to make it back very soon.


anja louise said...

Wow, the domes!! Pretty amazing, I love how they look with all the plants inside. Lots of great outfits too, as usual!a

diariodeunacouturier said...


meganbarkley said...

such a lovely place! beautiful pictures!

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