04 June 2010

Decisions, decisions.

When I was a little girl my Uncle Gene used to take us to the 'candy store' on a Sunday - it was really a mini mart which had a whole isle devoted to candies and cookies. He would give us each one dollar to spend on whatever we wanted. My two brothers would grab a few candy bars and be done with it. I, on the other hand, seemed to take longer each time, carefully selecting and calculating to make the most of my one-hundred pennies. Would it be Mary Janes or Caramel Creams, Peppermint Patties or Peanut Butter Cups. . .? The five cent candies in big jars kept me pacing until the little brown paper bag had been filled.
Tho my purse-strings have loosened up a bit, my decision-making skills haven't moved on very much from those early days. Pacing, fretting, worrying. . . trying to avoid it altogether. Do you make decisions quickly, do you go with your gut instinct or make a list of pros and cons. I've tried them all but I'm still stuck.


MarieBayArea said...

lovely blouse and a very cute story.

broom people said...

Oh my gosh yes, I am definitely from that same school of decision making. I find myself standing, stricken, in the cheese aisle of the supermarket far too often lately. Just trying to make the right choice, you know? So I write a lot of lists. Mostly it helps!

Love_Again said...

these photos are very sweet

Rebecca said...

I am a very indecisive person also. It takes me long enough to decide what kind of tea to have with my cake, so anything more important can take a very long time. I hope you get there in the end!
Lovely outfit by the way.

Darling L said...

I thinksthere are people who were born being able to make decisions and people who were not... I'm of the second type, so I really understand you. Life is make of choices though, and it is always hard, but it's for the better in the end. Good luck with your decisions.
You look amazing by the way, and the story from your uncle made my day :)

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