25 May 2010

Leader of the wolves.

Outside my late grandmother's house stood a big Camellia bush - it was more like a tree really, getting bigger every year. And when you're a kid everything seems bigger, right? Every Spring before the flowers came out we hung Easter eggs from the small branches. I've got some happy memories with Camellias to say the least, and lots of family photos (tho sadly none here with me now to share).
So when I spotted a small bush in my back garden in London I enjoyed several weeks of fresh Camellia's in my room. It really made me miss my Nana - I've been thinking a lot recently about my family tree and how not all branches have been accounted for. Sadly the house is being sold and I may never get to go back inside. I'm left with a lifetime of memories, a perfect-to-me image of the house from top to bottom. And when I get back home I will be re-united with several of my Nana's prize possessions, which I will treasure forever. Here's hoping the bush will still be there for a few sneak snips every now and then . . .
*Interestingly, according to wiki, Camellia comes from a tribe in Antartica called the "hensheig" they were known to be part of a wolf pack. The wife of the tribe was named Camellia which means leader of the wolves.

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meganbarkley said...

Beautiful flowers. We have a similar bush here in the midwest but the flowers are white. I plucked on and put it in an old syrup pourer I found. Cute!

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