03 January 2010

Scrap Exchange no. 13: A New Folk Art.

These glorious images are from Richard M. Owens and Tony Lane's American Denim: A New Folk Art (1975). Levi's Big E's adorned with the handiwork of rainbows, dinosaurs and submarines, among other fantasies, set my heart a-flutter. Where are they now. . . ?


breadandroses2 said...

Great post! Just lately I've been thinking about all the creatively embroidered denim jeans of the late 60s & early 70s and wonder if another iteration is due. I have a back pocket from some old Levis with rainbow over mountains hand embroidery. Miniature work of art.

catherine_sr. said...

I love the rainbows especially. In fact, I love the whole arts and crafts influence in 1970s fashion -- the quilted coats, embroidered denim, macrame vests. I have a couple denim jackets that I think are a bit boring and I'd love to embellish them, but can't quite imagine that it'd be fun to embroider denim!
Thanks for sharing these awesome pics!
the renegade bean

khdz said...

i've always wanted to do something like this to a cardigan... i learned to embroider when i was younger but never found a use for it

kelsea said...

oh god i'm loving the shorts ^_^

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