10 January 2010

Scrap Exchange no. 14: Embroidery and Applique.

A few patterns from my personal collection, with A New Folk Art in mind. The Canadian Tuxedo couple are breakin' my heart.

04 January 2010

03 January 2010

Scrap Exchange no. 13: A New Folk Art.

These glorious images are from Richard M. Owens and Tony Lane's American Denim: A New Folk Art (1975). Levi's Big E's adorned with the handiwork of rainbows, dinosaurs and submarines, among other fantasies, set my heart a-flutter. Where are they now. . . ?

02 January 2010

Scrap Exchange no. 12: Bliss.

Happiness is Bliss, a Martin Parr postcard collection from 2003.
'Despite their fakery, we can't help being charmed by their authentic innocence.' -MP
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