26 July 2009

a little off the top.

my hair - my nemesis. my best mate. we've grown up together, been through it all. and what adventures we've had! i was born with a full head of hair into which my mother immediately placed a pink plastic curler to give me the ultimate alfalfa.
some of my early hair memories include lying on the counter while my mom washed my hair and sitting in florence's home beauty shop with my grandma in the summers - she would have her hair 'set' and i would pretend to read babysitters club books while listening out for the latest juicy bit of small-town gossip. when it wasn't summer my mama took me to mary ann's hair care, with the most amazing original leatherette seats and dryers straight out of steel magnolias. she would tell me how she'd never seen hair as thick as mine and that it would never hold a body wave - little did she know my ma and my aunt peggy had given me a home perm in the summer of '86 in my grandma's kitchen! it was a look i won't be revisiting.
my thick, heavy hair comes from my mom's side. my great-grandmother minnie suffered from headaches because of hers but still managed to rock the trends.
my mom went through hours to perfect her up-do's and beehives. her shoulder-length hair remained straight on her wedding day despite having slept in curlers all nite long - it was too thick to dry!
and then there's me. i've always wanted curl it seemed, i guess because my hair is so straight naturally. and so very thick. throughout adolescence i sported many a ponytail and didn't have the patience for bangs. i was so happy to have my hair french braided or rolled in curlers, i just lapped it up. it seems every hairdresser i've been to has said something along the lines of 'you have the thickest hair i've ever seen' which doesn't do much to appease my desire for fine curls! as a senior in high school i was so fed up with my hair (and let's face it, life as a high schooler in general!) that i went to a 'chic' salon and asked for a boy-ish cut like winona ryder's on the recent cover of vogue. there was no turning back - when i look at the pictures now (sorry i don't have any to hand over here) i look just like my little brother! i'd also always dreamed of going to beauty college, and when i spent a year in germany my friend maeve - who also dreamed of beauty school - would experiment on my hair and gave me the shortest fringe i've ever had. it was after that year that i let my hair grow out and went back to mary ann's haircare for a vidal sassoon-style bob that i would maintain for the next seven or eight years.
my linus blanket proved to be a long fringe in the front that i either pinned back with all sorts of accessories or let fly free for what i thought a 'dramatic' moment. i was so set in my asymmetrical ways that it was only after six years or so that i wanted to experiment with different textures, cutting the back hairline into different 'wavy' shapes and once even cutting the right side off severely short.
when i started going to camrin i really felt like i had someone i could trust - a haircut can make or break right? and she said more than once that cutting my hair was like making a work of art. so it was only camrin that i could trust to strip me of my linus blanket. and once we cut it there was no turning back.
i was in love, so happy that i'd finally let go of the long fringe and i felt like a new person. mind you, i wasn't quite ready to let go of the bob!
two years on (last summer), i was ready to wave buh-bye to the bob. and the bangs. and enjoy all the challenges and impatience that comes with growing out one's hair. which led to sleepin' in curlers (for the first times in nearly a decade!) as i tried to perfect a poufy front, and starting to experiment with braids as soon as it grew an inch. a lot of people ask me if i do the braids myself (yes, i do), how long it takes (about ten minutes max) etc. and as you may have noticed, the pouf and plaits have become my new linus blanket. i don't feel like myself without them.
this week, as i begin to think about turning 29 (on the 1st!), i'm having funn looking back at my hair - in photos and in my memories - and as of late i've even worn my hair -gasp! - down a few times or in a low-slung ponytail. it's a bit rewarding to take the braids down and have a few waves in my otherwise stick-straight hair - plus, i can see how much it's really growing!
there are so many girls with great fringes out there, and i've been contemplating cutting my fringe short again so i can have something 'new and different' (and secretly so my pouf can get a bit of it's pouf back!). it's crazy but i feel completely out of my comfort zone with my hair long and 'out'. so i don't know if i'm ready to let go of my linus blanket just yet ... i am, however, tempted to birthday-treat myself to a lush hairbrush and a trip to see the lovely boys at whites.

24 July 2009


... i like everything to match and other times i'm not so fussed.

20 July 2009

just added...

a few more pouches and a large tote added over the weekend. enjoy!

16 July 2009


it's been so long since i've said this but....there are a coupla new things in my etsy shop. and more on the way at the weekend. i'm aiming to make weekly updates so let's see how i get on. thanks for looking!

15 July 2009

wednesday's child is full of woe.

some say our summer's over but i'm hopin' that's not the case. if it is i won't get to sport this 'lovely' (description by a passerby) combo for many months...lucky for me saddle shoes can adapt to many moods of the weather - and at long last i've got myself a pair!

02 July 2009

Falling for London: Relivin' Grandma's yesterday.

the next best thing to a time machine is a trip to carters steam fair. i've been looking forward to carters comin' back to clissold park since i spent a magical saturday nite there last summer. this weekend, the caravans and candy floss were back in town. and the mass hail storm wasn't gonna stop me getting there.
after the big storm on saturday, i crossed all digits for sunday sunshine. it wasn't quite sunny but hey! the clouds bit their tongues and i gleefully donned my 40s carnation dress for the second day in a row (!). the candy floss was my trophy.
all the rides and booths and attractions at carters have been restored to their original colour and design, and as soon as you see those caravans lined up you know you're entering another world and time. a world of tutti fruity, fortune tellers, halls of mirrors and high-speed swings. a time when you could take it easy and have a bit of innocent fun!
they say it best: 'Carters Steam Fair travels around London and the South East, for seven months of the year. The other five months are spent in a frenzy of restoration, painting and repairing. Some of the family have even been known to wander into the shed on Christmas Day just to finish some work off!!! Carters is the result of John Carter's passion for collecting old and interesting items, discarded by the owners, as being too unfashionable or too derelict to preserve. Over the last thirty years a whole funfair has been collected, complete with historic vehicles to transport it from site to site, with vintage living vans to complement the show. Jonathan Ross described us "as more like a film set than a travelling fair". Unfortunately we lost John to cancer at the untimely age of 58 in the year 2000. The fair still goes from strength to strength, with a growing number of loyal supporters. We continue to add to the collection. In the last few years we have added the Victory Dive Bomber along with various other stalls and attractions. The latest big project was Teddy Andrews' Ark, packed away since the early 1980's. All 500 pieces had extensive works in preparation for the 2006 season. We are very thrilled to have custody of this machine and grateful to the Andrews family for entrusting us to take care of it.'
the dodgems - with their angels of rock-n-roll cars - were once again a squeal-inducing hi-lite, but this time around the arcade was tuggin' at my heartstrings some kinda fierce.
all the machines are original and you give your pound coins in to get 'old pennies' with the carter horse on them. my favourite machines are the ones which give you a lil' souvenir. i had my fortune told, got a picture of my 'future husband' and received a love letter from the 'matrimonial bureau' and even had an x-ray done! you can see my x-ray with my husband below haha. i'm so in love with carters that a date at the fair could easily seal the deal!
i can't say enough good things about carters or show enough photos it seems! i'm tempted to follow them around (or hop in one of the caravans!) for the rest of the summer. for now i'll just hold onto the buzz i've got for as long as i can.
i hope there is a carters-style fair where you are, it's an experience no one should miss.
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