23 June 2009

back in the game.

with the opening of our new exhibition came the opportunity to sell some of my wares in the gallery shop. it's been a long while since i produced so many things at once, and i'm a bit of a snail at it, but o my how happy am i with how they all turned out. all made using re-purposed fabrics and hand-me-down zips. and there's more on the way. more for the barbi, and more importantly if you're not in london, soon there'll be a few things in my too long empty etsy shop. for now, a few of the fruits of my labour.

22 June 2009

fruit and veg.

last thursday we opened our newest exhibition radical nature art and architecture for a changing environment 1969 2009.
i didn't work on this show which makes the opening day a bit more funnnn. gettin' in the spirit i made dirt cakes for the crew with perhaps my tastiest and fluffiest chocolate frosting (!) so far. i don't know how it happened but i hope i can make it happen again!
there was another cake as well which matched my design archives dress making its debut.
and lots of smiles too in the gallery amongst the trees and plants, natural sunlight and fruit and veg. to see the months of hard work come together (not to mention imagining everything growing these next few months!) is truly breath-taking, even if i am a bit biased.
the cherry on top of it all i will reveal in my next post...

21 June 2009

Good Eats: You scream, I scream...

(image from skool days)
a coupla weeks ago i was jonesin' for a creamy iced treat after lunch so i headed to the nearest newsagent where i was immediately drawn to the pink-n-brown 'fab' bar. i've been craving a 'strawberry shortcake' by good humor (don't think they have those over here tho...), and deep down i was hoping the fab (with its similar colouring and feel) would do the trick. but it didn't. and i won't be going back to the dab - it tasted like a bad rocket.
(images from isn't life terrible and archives.org)
it looks like ice cream worthy days are here to stay tho (fingers-crossed) so instead i'll be on the lookout for the lone ice cream truck. and making many trips to marine ices.
the 'strawberry shortcake' is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things i'm a-cravin' that i can't get over here....sigh.

17 June 2009

stayin' afloat.

when i'm feelin' stressed and sleep-deprived i stay afloat with thoughts of slower days.

11 June 2009

holiday at home.

i hope you enjoyed the 'scrap exchange' series. i have quite a few more clippings so will prolly do some more of them in the future.
i'm coming back from being off work a week, and it was the ultimate holiday to just take it easy and hang out with a dear friend. we indulged ourselves with lie-in's, coffees, falafels, exploring my hood, vintage shops for days and popping into the 1940s party of my dreams.
on our first day of indulgence, we had a bit of warm sunshine - the weather was just right for a favourite (and long neglected) dress from design archives. we ventured into stoke newington and met quite a few characters in church street. one after another. does that ever happen to you when you're taking your street style photos?
sometimes when people see a camera they may think you're somebody special! like our new friend here who asked grethe 'are you a model?' i love their facial expressions.
definitely one to write home about.

07 June 2009

scrap exchange #10.

i could have many a sweet dream here. (date/publication unknown)

04 June 2009

scrap exchange #9.

(mulberry ad, date unknown)
there are so many great fringes about at the moment....i've been daydreaming of a short fringe once again. of course now that my fringe has grown past my chin i'm ready to chop it off and start over! will i take the plunge?
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