29 May 2009

25 May 2009

scrap exchange #5.

two to dream about with summer afoot. suede sandals by calvin klein collection (above) and wedge sandals by acne jeans (below).
(both images from u.s. elle, c. 2008)

24 May 2009

scrap exchange #4.

we're having a summer tease in london this weekend - bare legs combined with a bank holiday make for daydreams of lazy days by the seaside. what i wouldn't give to jump in this shoot by tim walker (from british vogue, may 2006). i'd settle for a hat made out of the funny pages tho...

21 May 2009

scrap exchange #3.

i'll have one of each. andre benjamin and liya kebede photographed by arthur elgort for american vogue, january 2005....wonder how many people saved these pages. swoon.

20 May 2009

scrap exchange #2.

the golden days...
this one's from interview magazine, not sure of the year (2002-03?). r.i.p. [early] imitation of christ. (click on the image to enlarge.)

19 May 2009

scrap exchange #1.

i'm a hoarder. it runs in my family on both sides at so many levels. one of the many things i hoard are paper clippings. if i see something i like, i tear it out, cut it out, add it to the pile. i really like piles. and actually looking around my room now, there are lotsa lil' piles waiting to be made into smaller piles or rearranged.
when i was packing up all my things i went through loads of piles, slowly weeding out what i didn't want or couldn't possibly hold onto. i waded into magazine and paper clippings i had kept for years, and selected some i couldn't bear to throw in the bin. over the next few weeks i'll be sharing these with you.
bachelor number one are these pages from an old textbook. tho the book itself is long gone, i can remember using it in first grade or so. i've always loved crayons and won quite a few colouring contests in my day, so seeing a bit behind the scenes in the factory made me love them that much more.
the smells in the crayon factory must be amazing! as i've lost the pages before these i was all smiles finding this video - who's up for a visit to the crayola factory?

17 May 2009

piggy bank.

(photo by *lapin)
it's no secret i like coins of all shapes and sizes. i have vivid memories of learning all the coins in miss parrish's class, nickel versus dime, saving and counting and pinching my pennies.
most recently i've been slowly building a collection of coin and medallion-themed jewellery and accessories. a coin belt i bought while working at design archives tops them all, and always gives the perfect cinch.
and this joan miller dress (also from design archives) is just waiting to make its debut on a crisp spring day.
in the past few weeks i've come across two more contenders. a greek coin brooch from an oslo flea market.
and most smile-worthy, these italian leather flats from absolute vintage bring together some of my favourite things: metallic leather, perforated/punched leather, fringe(!) and of course coins! they will be seeing a lot of wear in the days to come.
i think i will start saving up for an addition from opulent oddities. swoon.

12 May 2009

Family wreath: Memory lane.

during my three weeks back home i asked my father to drive me around 'dad's durham'. we both grew up in durham (north carolina) and have had very different experiences there. i wanted to see all the things i'd seen before, but i wanted to actually take the time to document them and write down addresses so i would always have them.
we saw, among other things, my dad's schools, his old haunts, the ol' durham bulls stadium and the houses from the film bull durham.
(1111 mangum street, durham: 'rice house'. where kevin costner 'lived' in bull durham.)
(911 mangum street, durham: 'the manning house'. where susan sarandon 'lived' in bull durham.)
the hi-lite of our lil' tour, tho, was seeing the houses he grew up in, seeing the streets and imagining him as a mischievous boy, hearing him recount stories, some i'd heard many-a'time and some that were brand new, - my dad and i write letters (no emails) and i'm always pestering him to write these stories down. we spent a good while in front of house 831 in mangum street.
my dad lived in the ground floor apartments (at one time in the left apartment and then they moved to the right one) from birth to his teens. seeing the house once more - and hearing the stories that i'm sure to hear again - made me cherish these photos on the stoop and sidewalk of that very house all the more.
my father surrounded by the ladies (including his mama savannah at left) in dainty playclothes and birthday hats in the late 1940s. can you imagine a sweeter birthday?
and my father with his sister bobbie, left, and again with his mama, and with his grandmother ('nana').
i'm gonna stop here before i get too too homesick. for all you fellow north carolina lovers (and converts), did you know the n.c. state archives have a flickr? it's heavenly.

06 May 2009

Branded: There's nothing like leading from the start.

one of the treasures i brought back from north carolina was this pair of overalls my friend danita had given to me a coupla years ago. several people asked me where i got them from and i said, 'oh, they're SEARS!' i have some true beauties from sears of the past....and i've often wondered, what ever happened to sears?
at thrift stores you can find so many cuties with the sears or my favourite, sears 'junior bazaar' label. next to today's mass trash (and even the present-day sears offers) the sears of the past seems so sweet and endearing - and most importantly, made to last. i was all smiles to discover the sears archives online, where you can read everything about sears from the sears national baby contest (!) to sears homes and their very own radio station. i wonder if you can visit them...
(photograph by michael shin)
i remember lots of catalogues around our house growing up - sears, JC penney...a quick flickr search for 'vintage sears' turned up some nostalgic advertisements and catalogue pages i wanted to share. enjoy!
(from dragonflydesignstudio) (from breath_less'56) (from breath_less'56) (from breath_less'56 and nurse_marbles) (from sugarpie_honeybunch) (from obsequies - this one reminds me so much of some recent wardrobe_remixes!) i'd love to hear about or see any sears treasures you have come across.
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