22 December 2009

Trunk sale.

So the market was a big hit! I slept about three hours the nite before, the light bulb on my sewing machine went out in the final moments and I was so shy at selling my wares. But all in all I was happy to see everyone and most excited to see all my hard work come together at one time. We had special visitors with gingerbread, mince pies and hot teas, and my friend Julian was on hand to give me a nudge whenever a customer looked interested.
[Photo by Katie Horwich]
Using North Carolina's rich textile history as a starting point I made a new paper-cut logo with a cotton branch.
It turned out just perfect for cards, signs and for the first time, custom wrapping paper (!) tied up with deadstock Coronation ribbon.
Other new additions have been 'tongue and groove' pleats, thinking back on my childhood home, and the first bag with leather straps, something I've wanted to do for a long while now.
[Photo by Katie Horwich] I was so happy to get into bed that nite, I slept from 8.30 to 8.30!


Maria said...

your hard work paid of, it all looks so pretty...

love_again said...

I love all your wares! and your wrapping paper is too cute!

David said...

Whimsical Fashion-conscious Video


I thought that you and the followers of your blog and twitter might find this video interesting!


My actress in "Paper Birds" is wearing a vintage jacket from Paris, the skirt used to be a long vintage skirt from a flea market in Los Angeles but was cut to make it mini, the yellow tights were from a department store in Los Angeles, the shoes are from Paris.

The wardrobe was meant to reflect her whimsical and maybe even mythical personality and create a stark contrast with her environment.

The theme of the video is about the inspiration that can be found even in ordinary circumstances and that in giving back / sharing to the world - magic is created. A theme that is appropriate for the holiday season!

Thanks and Happy New Year,

P.S. I have still pictures if you'd like as well.

Sam Made said...

love love love your products! And that papercut is fantastic. Where did you get your wrapping paper printed?

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