06 November 2009

Good eats: There's always room for. . .

I don't think I've ever expressed my 'gotta-have-it' love for cake here in blogger land. It's real and it's deep. And it started at an early age. I still have very fond memories of a 'Strawberry Shortcake' themed cake made by my Aunt Peggy for my fifth birthday. And my mama's 'Coca-Cola' cake for my older brother's thirteenth. Both my grandma's had their own versions of chocolate frosting: Fannie's is the one I use to this day. Savannah's was fondly called 'chocolate skin' because you could peel the frosting right off layers of cake!
When I was in high school my mom and I took a cake decorating class at Hungate's arts and crafts in the mall. I was the youngest person there! We made it through beginner, intermediate and advanced (wedding cakes!) and soon had a lil' business going doing different cakes. Saying that I became burned out would be an understatement. But gobs of buttercream and late-nite hand cramps never stopped me from having cake cravings! Nowadays I make cakes when I want and how I want, always ready to try something new.
So to celebrate the opening of our new commission 'Bunker' I made 'War Cakes' using Ann Jackson's recipe from Heart of the Home. Tho eggless, butterless and milkless they were mighty tasty.
And to say good-bye to one of our curators I channeled Buckminster Fuller with a geodesic dome - this one brought back the hand cramps!
With the holidays comin' on full force I want to try, among other varieties, a candy bar cake and a red velvet cake from scratch. There's just one question - who wants to lick the bowl?
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