20 October 2009

'Wherever your eyes should fall they should fall on objects of beauty.'

who doesn't like getting paid to play hookie? for our staff away day we jumped the coach to Charleston Farmhouse and Berwick Church in Sussex. visiting the Bloomsbury group's former playground was inspiring to say the least. and a countryside tease always makes me smile.
as soon as we walked into the house i was ready to move in! every little detail, each brushstroke, each one of Vanessa Bell's circles, the Omega fabrics, every snippet of gossip, set my heart a'flutterin'.
you're not allowed to take photographs in the house, which at first made me a bit mad (!). everything is so beautiful and i wanted to capture it all. not just look at it in a book through someone else's photographs. but the next day, still holdin' onto my Charleston buzz, i decided it's a good thing! i'll definitely be going back there one Sunday, and until then, i can hold everything in my memory. i did find a couple of great examples over on type happy.
i don't want to gush too much about this place, but! i'll just say if you can make it one day, don't pass it up. our tour guide Patsy gave us some great quotes which i'm including down below here . . . . 'If it stood still in the house, they painted it. If it moved in this house, they made love to it.'
Bloomsbury group lived by three rules: love of beauty, love of truth, and most importantly, love of friendship. Dorothy Parker said of Bloomsbury in the 1920s: 'They painted in circles, lived in squares and loved in triangles.' 'Wherever your eyes should fall they should fall on objects of beauty.' - Vanessa Bell


finance jobs said...

These are beautiful indeed, I like you quote.

boracay island Philippines said...

Beautiful houses, I love the flowers and the landscaping of the gardens. It looks fantastic.

vintagevixxen said...

beautiful photos - i especially love that first one~

anne said...

wow! that was an amazing post. i love the quotes :)

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