30 October 2009

Family Wreath: Tommy Jr.

For years a small chocolate box sat in my Nana's side board. The box was filled with dozens of photographs taken by Thomas Jefferson Rolland Jr. (1915-62), my father's uncle, during WWII. When I was last home I scanned in some of my favourites before giving the lot to my father for safe keeping. Here are a few of them with Tommy Jr.'s own captions. The last two always get my imagination a'racin' with thoughts of who he met along the way and how the places might look now. They leave me wishing I could hear the stories behind each and every click of the shutter.
'Visley - look at the crease in my pants' 'Berne' 'Bremen' 'Castle Denmark' 'Church Visley' 'Copenhagen' 'From hotel in Stockholm' 'Railroad station Denmark' 'Renne'


Amelia M said...

Fascinating photos. That first caption is hilarious!

Canon digital cameras said...

The black and white effects of these photos are beautiful. It looks classic.

recruitment new Zealand said...

These are an amazing view captured. I love it.

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