02 October 2009

heaven sent.

the cherry on top of this perfect week was seeing Julie Doiron not just once, but twice! the new LP 'Daniel, Fred & Julie' sets my heart-a-racin' - just one listen and you might feel the same.


Frances Baker said...

This is so great. You really do keep the loveliest blog! Reading it the last few, months has given me lots of ideas of places to visit while i"m in England, such as Nottingham!

leila wylie said...

I love Julie Doiron so much. Her old album "Heart and Crime" is incredibly beautiful. I have yet to see her live though. You're lucky!

northerntowns said...

Where can I get my hands on this wonderful record? My friends and I saw them in St Catharines about a month ago but I have no been able to find the music anywhere. If you could email me some info that would be swell and I would love you forever! wewereboysocuts@hotmail.com

jessica said...

hi there northerntowns, i sent this to your email but it came back, so i hope you see it:

i'm sorry i can't seem to find the album anywhere for purchase online. i understood from Julie that the album was only on vinyl for the time being and that in 3-4 months would be released as a digital download. until then i think they are only selling them at her live shows. i was lucky they had just received them the day before her london shows.

there isn't anything on jagjaguwar or her website, crazy! especially considering the album is not to be missed, straight out of the 70s.

if i had a way to transfer from vinyl to mp3 i would do it for you, but alas. i hope you find it somewhere soon. let me know if you do! and thanks for reading, jess

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