04 October 2009

good deeds.

the best spot for a gloomy afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter) is tucked between office buildings in the City by St Paul's Cathedral and is the most pleasant surprise: it's Postman's Park and it's a real heartbreaker.
there you will find a memorial to 54 people who died saving the lives of others. you can read a bit about the heroes and hear the story of how everything happened in just a few lines beautifully painted on ceramic tile tablets by George Frederic Watts. he's the angel behind the 'Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice' which was unveiled in 1900.
i first found out about this hidden gem while watching the film Closer. you may remember Natalie Portman taking her 'identity' from one of the tablets, that of Alice Ayres. ever since seeing the film late one nite i've been wanting to go to Postman's Park, and now that i've been i'm definitely going back! i can't decide whether to take everyone i know or just keep it for myself. i really shouldn't be selfish tho as it's not to be missed. bring your tissues and a pack lunch.

in 2010 i'll definitely be making a trip to the Watts Gallery in Surrey when it re-opens.


gini said...

oh i know that place - i used to lunch there every day when i worked at a nearby museum, i didn't realise that was the name though.

Phoebe said...

gosh, the tiles are so beautifully made, but heartbreaking indeed.

Frances Baker said...

Ooh this is so cool! I'll try and visit this week!

hannah said...

i've been curious about this place since i saw closer, so cool to read the little plaques, and so sad

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