25 September 2009

thin mints and samoas, o my.

on the same day i found the vickie vaughn dress a few steps away hung a vintage Girl Scout dress on the rack at beyond retro. it really should have been in the 'oldies' section with a much higher price tag - but hey, i'm not complainin'! i slipped it on and knew i couldn't leave it behind.
i was never a Girl Scout but i was a Brownie and i have vivid memories of the ceremony when we walked across the 'bridge' to get our 'wings' to become Girl Scouts. i also of course remember the cookies and outside s'mores, tho i sadly never went to summer camp. we lived a bit too far out after Brownies, and there were no Girl Scout troops around. i think if the uniforms had been as lovely as this one i would have fought a little bit harder to find a troop!
curious to know when the dress is from, i hit up the official Girl Scout website and archive, where i found a lil' exhibition on the costumes over the years (along with discovering i've got to get back to georgia to see the Juliette Gordon Low birthplace!). i concluded that the dress i've been so lucky to find is the 'Senior and Intermediate Girl Scouts' (wartime), pictured below. 'The availability and construction of Girl Scout merchandise was affected by World War II and general market conditions in the early 1940s. One significant modification was made to the 1939 Intermediate Scout dress: a button-down front replaced the zipper. Windsor ties replaced neckerchiefs in 1943 to conserve fabrics.'
what i wouldn't give to find some of these gems or just as swoon-worthy would be coming across a bolt of the 'official Girl Scout cloth'. what more do you need than in life than this green!?
a few of my favourites from the archives, with the middy 'Mariner' uniform as cherry on top:
1938 'Senior Girl Scout' and 1939 'Intermediate Girl Scout'
1928 'Girl Scout' and 1935 'Teenage Girl Scout'
1948 'Intermediate and Senior Girl Scout'
1934 'Mariner Scout'


Q's Daydream said...

That dress is just perfect! :o)

Jessica said...

Ah! You lucky duck!! I've been dreamin' about finding a '40s girl scout dress for the longest time and yours is just as perfect as can be! You look so, so a-dorable! And I love the different girl scout illustrations you found--how cute are they! Gosh...I've only been the Beyond Retro once when I visited Londong and oh dear, what a dreamy land it is! I wish I could visit it every single day!


little my said...

Awww, this little dress is sooo perfect! You look adorable in it! i love the whole girl scout thing, but unfortunately I was born in a country that doesn't have much to do with this culture...I think there were "mountain scouts" at one point, but that didn't include cute uniforms! I love the "past looks" you chose also! That 1928 and "mariner" ones are simply the best! ^_^

sew nancy said...

that dress is amazing.
i love it.
i was a brownie and girl scout
great memories

meena meena said...

ohhhh boy that is one heckuva dress. its truly, like..heavenly. i really cant put into words how much i like it, and you look marvelous in it!

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