12 September 2009

mazal tov.

do you ever look for something for so long that you've pretty much given up by the time you find it? it usually happens to me when i have a special occasion coming up. never mind i have a few dresses in my wardrobe that haven't even made an appearance this summer... when i was invited to my first british-jewish wedding, i knew i wanted to find the perfect dress.
after looking and looking, i found my dress just one day before the wedding at beyond retro of all places. they carry such a big selection - things are imported by the truckload - that often times i've gone there thinking, oh, i would love a new chambray, or a men's oxford... and there it is. my favourite part of their shops are the 'oldies' sections, as i've come to call them. you can find treasures as old as 1900, and you might pay just £10-15 more than you would in the other sections of the shop.
so going through the racks one-by-one (mind you i'd already looked at both beyond retro's for a dress!) i pulled a good armload of oldies with high hopes. this 'vicki vaughn junior' dress (with a lil' matching bolero!) was a perfect fit, and perfect for an outdoor wedding. putting aside all my guilt about end-of-month purchases and dress hoarding, the only task left was getting to the 'do without seat belt wrinkles!!
and there were plenty'o life size games to keep us busy before the dinner! snakes and ladders, connect four, jenga and chubby checkers. a special day not to be forgotten anytime soon.


Q's Daydream said...

I adore that dress, it's perfection!

nath said...

it sure is a sweet dress. love the pocket detail. good find!

St├ęphanie said...

Oh ! You are beautiful !

anne said...

The dress is lovely! and those games look pretty fantastic!

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