14 September 2009

late-nite shopping.

i found a few photos lurking on my computer from back in may(!) on a late nite at beyond retro. after a coupla glasses of wine i forgot i am usually too shy to snap a few photos. when i'm not in the oldies section you can find me staring longingly at the men's sections, hoping the displays will come to life!


Jessica said...

I've only been to London once, but when I was there I visited Beyond Retro--and boy oh boy do I miss it!!


Toosdai said...

these pictures reflect exactly why i love vintage and antique shops. i lovelovelove the treasure hunt, the little details that are missed by undiscerning eye. like a collection of shaving brushes, quirky in their own right and looking like they all belong together, sitting on that shelf.

Barbie said...

that last photo is the best thing i've ever seen!

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