07 September 2009

i before e.

i've never been too fond of being called 'jessie'. i'm ok with jess, j.r., j-ro, to name a few. but jessie i've always shied away from. there have, in fact, been only a select few people i've let get away with callin' me jessie. until now.
i happened upon this name brooch when i went to see what had become of greenwich market a few weeks ago. the queen victoria coins and gilded penmanship set my heart a-flutter and i now see my heretofore banned nickname in a new light. why just today someone called me 'jessie' and instead of crinkling my nose, i simply smiled.


nath said...

when you see a pin like that, it's simply meant to be.

Andi B. Goode said...

That's such a lovely pin!
-Andi x

Toosdai said...

i'm glad you've embraced your nickname. "nicky" always has, and always will, ring tinny and horrid in my ears.

jessica said...

thanks you guys, i'm definitely not letting go of this one. and toosdai, maybe if you found a 'nicky' brooch your ears would be happy!

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