29 August 2009

Getaway! - Robin Hood and lace.

on a recent saturday in nottingham i realised just how much fun it is to re-visit cities. i hadn't been to nottingham in a coupla years and a day out with kristian was just what i needed. we started off by the lace market and checked out josephine meckseper's window installation at nottingham contemporary. it's going to be a real treat when they open their doors with a big david hockney show. and all that lace-style concrete? i'm in love! after a yummy tempeh burger at alley cafe we explored some of the run-down alleys and arcades. there's definitely lots of eye candy in nottingham!
when we walked over to the castle i felt my fondest memories of the city flood back. on a field trip for my MA we visited the castle and most notably the quirky, troubled costume museum, which is now sadly closed. to re-trace those steps and have a great supper at 'england's oldest pub' was surreal.
the hi-lite of the day, though, had to be derby road! after just a few hours there i'm ready to get a flat and spend my days troving treasures at celia's vintage, the danish homestore and dreamiest of all: le chien et moi. i didn't get any photos inside the shop (too shy to ask!) but a few peeks in the window are enough to stop anyone in their tracks. walking in is like stepping into temptation-land, with lots of french and english finds sitting side-by-side with reproductions and newer assemblages. i left lusting after woolen blankets, metal teapots and teacups and the sweetest basset hound who helps run the shop. if you visit their website you can see more than i would ever be able to describe! if i could find a shop like this in london i think i would be set.
celia's was another heartbreaker all-together, i'll be sure to share my finds with you in a future post.


Q's Daydream said...

Oh, that bike is wonderful and you look so cute!

Tamsin said...

OI've just stumbled across your blog through google reader, read this & I'm from Nottingham! (well, I came here for University and forgot to leave). I do love the Alley Cafe, but I have to say that I've never found that much good stuff in Celia's. There's so many vintage shops in Nottingham, it's fantastic! x

jessica said...

thanks ladies. tamsin, celia's broke my heart over and over again! i don't know how i would resist if i lived closer. i'll have to check your blog for some other nottingham recommendations.

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