29 August 2009

Getaway! - Robin Hood and lace.

on a recent saturday in nottingham i realised just how much fun it is to re-visit cities. i hadn't been to nottingham in a coupla years and a day out with kristian was just what i needed. we started off by the lace market and checked out josephine meckseper's window installation at nottingham contemporary. it's going to be a real treat when they open their doors with a big david hockney show. and all that lace-style concrete? i'm in love! after a yummy tempeh burger at alley cafe we explored some of the run-down alleys and arcades. there's definitely lots of eye candy in nottingham!
when we walked over to the castle i felt my fondest memories of the city flood back. on a field trip for my MA we visited the castle and most notably the quirky, troubled costume museum, which is now sadly closed. to re-trace those steps and have a great supper at 'england's oldest pub' was surreal.
the hi-lite of the day, though, had to be derby road! after just a few hours there i'm ready to get a flat and spend my days troving treasures at celia's vintage, the danish homestore and dreamiest of all: le chien et moi. i didn't get any photos inside the shop (too shy to ask!) but a few peeks in the window are enough to stop anyone in their tracks. walking in is like stepping into temptation-land, with lots of french and english finds sitting side-by-side with reproductions and newer assemblages. i left lusting after woolen blankets, metal teapots and teacups and the sweetest basset hound who helps run the shop. if you visit their website you can see more than i would ever be able to describe! if i could find a shop like this in london i think i would be set.
celia's was another heartbreaker all-together, i'll be sure to share my finds with you in a future post.

17 August 2009

29 and holding.

i had my birthday several weeks back now and i've taken so long to post i'll treat you to a few photos instead of text-heavy round-up.

14 August 2009

oh, henry! (re-visited)

lately i've been a bit homesick for down-home summers. on my birthday (more on that soon i promise!) i tried my hardest to bring a bit of ol' carolina to north london, but the rain stepped in. this week, though, mister weather has graced us with air nearly as hot and sticky (minus the mosquitoes thankfully!) as i'm sure it is back home.
just sticky enough to bring out two of my favourite henry finds: a feedsack blouse and cotton skirt, both hand-made and from the 1940s. and both with a few bumps and bruises, snags and spots, that only make me love them that much more.
oh, henry! i wonder what adventures you've gotten up to, how many bottles you've found and what you've got in the back of that truck! o to be there. . .
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