21 June 2009

Good Eats: You scream, I scream...

(image from skool days)
a coupla weeks ago i was jonesin' for a creamy iced treat after lunch so i headed to the nearest newsagent where i was immediately drawn to the pink-n-brown 'fab' bar. i've been craving a 'strawberry shortcake' by good humor (don't think they have those over here tho...), and deep down i was hoping the fab (with its similar colouring and feel) would do the trick. but it didn't. and i won't be going back to the dab - it tasted like a bad rocket.
(images from isn't life terrible and archives.org)
it looks like ice cream worthy days are here to stay tho (fingers-crossed) so instead i'll be on the lookout for the lone ice cream truck. and making many trips to marine ices.
the 'strawberry shortcake' is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things i'm a-cravin' that i can't get over here....sigh.


Chicken Dinner Candybar said...

so sorry to hear about your disappointing ice cream experience! haha ;) but if it's any consolation your outfit is so lovely! i love the colors and the pleasant surprise of the gold shoes :D!

love_again said...

ahh a blog dedicated to my favourite food..thats what i like to see!!
p.s. i like your blog and you are a babe.

jessica said...

thanks guys, there's no bad ice cream, only better flavours!

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