23 June 2009

back in the game.

with the opening of our new exhibition came the opportunity to sell some of my wares in the gallery shop. it's been a long while since i produced so many things at once, and i'm a bit of a snail at it, but o my how happy am i with how they all turned out. all made using re-purposed fabrics and hand-me-down zips. and there's more on the way. more for the barbi, and more importantly if you're not in london, soon there'll be a few things in my too long empty etsy shop. for now, a few of the fruits of my labour.


Jessica said...

Aw, I love them!!! They're all so adorable!! I especially love the lil' whales and the different colored sort of flag looking pattern on some of the pouches in the first photo! I can't wait for the etsy store update! :)


nath said...

wow, they're grrrrreat! you're clever!

love_again said...

Nice stuff! I love the bottom purse in the first photo.

GracieFrances; said...

i love them, they are so gorgeous.
nice blog (:

jessica said...

thanks so much you guys, that means a lot - really. an etsy update is in the works so watch this space.

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