06 May 2009

Branded: There's nothing like leading from the start.

one of the treasures i brought back from north carolina was this pair of overalls my friend danita had given to me a coupla years ago. several people asked me where i got them from and i said, 'oh, they're SEARS!' i have some true beauties from sears of the past....and i've often wondered, what ever happened to sears?
at thrift stores you can find so many cuties with the sears or my favourite, sears 'junior bazaar' label. next to today's mass trash (and even the present-day sears offers) the sears of the past seems so sweet and endearing - and most importantly, made to last. i was all smiles to discover the sears archives online, where you can read everything about sears from the sears national baby contest (!) to sears homes and their very own radio station. i wonder if you can visit them...
(photograph by michael shin)
i remember lots of catalogues around our house growing up - sears, JC penney...a quick flickr search for 'vintage sears' turned up some nostalgic advertisements and catalogue pages i wanted to share. enjoy!
(from dragonflydesignstudio) (from breath_less'56) (from breath_less'56) (from breath_less'56 and nurse_marbles) (from sugarpie_honeybunch) (from obsequies - this one reminds me so much of some recent wardrobe_remixes!) i'd love to hear about or see any sears treasures you have come across.


Frances Baker said...

I love looking at old sears patterns online! I hope I can thrift some sears goods when I go to america next year. Thanks for this!

Elaine said...

I love your overalls!! You look like a little girl! In a good way of course.. :) I don't shop at Sears very much...sorry!


jessica said...

frances baker:: you're sure to spot some sears this summer, i look forward to seeing what you find. some of it makes its way over to the uk vintage shops, i'm always having daydreams of the adventures between here and there.

and elaine:: thank you! i haven't set foot in a sears in some time now, but i cherish the vintage sears i've found.

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