03 May 2009

temptation city.

o oslo...you are such a tease, already a distant memory. i soaked up five luxurious days away from work and london, not worrying what time it was or which day it was. it's pretty refreshing too, to be somewhere where you don't understand the language, walking along oblivious. it was just what i needed.
the infamous flea markets, i would say overall, get a thumbs up. they are a nester's dream, with so much stuff for house and home, i was wishing i lived in oslo even more! the flea markets serve as fundraisers for local schools scattered across the city and its suburbs, many quite a distance from one another. but completely worth the tram ride.
the clothes and accessories were pretty hit or miss, but i did come away with a few things you're sure to see here in the near future. and i was all smiles when i came across a nice big piece of selveged denim, as well as this pillow cover and 1950s tablecloth.
i would be happily stranded with my Skolebrod and Solo in Grünerløkka, an area with, among other temptations, a shop that sells jeans and flowers - a match made in heaven!
not to mention there are heart-breaking treasures everywhere you look! it was like walking into your favourite vintage or thrift store and seeing all the treasures of your dreams, all there waiting for you. absolute torture i say!
the ultimate temptress was this shop fretex in markveien, which acts as a 'charity shop' (and their logo is eerily close to that of salvation army), but basically has the best stuff in town at the highest price. their window displays are just exquisite, and of course you can only buy things in the window once per month - all i have to say about that is thank goodness!
other hi-lites of oslo - having the best hosts, astrup fearnley, chocolate overload and finally trying brown cheese.....i'm excited to go back soon and hit sound of mu.

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Meaghan Kelly said...

wow it sounds like a great place for thrifting!!! it's so cool that they give the money to schools!
my cousin went to Oslo this year and I have been dying to see it ever since! thank you for posting about it! i didn't even know it was so famous for all it's flea markets and vintage shops!! :D

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