19 May 2009

scrap exchange #1.

i'm a hoarder. it runs in my family on both sides at so many levels. one of the many things i hoard are paper clippings. if i see something i like, i tear it out, cut it out, add it to the pile. i really like piles. and actually looking around my room now, there are lotsa lil' piles waiting to be made into smaller piles or rearranged.
when i was packing up all my things i went through loads of piles, slowly weeding out what i didn't want or couldn't possibly hold onto. i waded into magazine and paper clippings i had kept for years, and selected some i couldn't bear to throw in the bin. over the next few weeks i'll be sharing these with you.
bachelor number one are these pages from an old textbook. tho the book itself is long gone, i can remember using it in first grade or so. i've always loved crayons and won quite a few colouring contests in my day, so seeing a bit behind the scenes in the factory made me love them that much more.
the smells in the crayon factory must be amazing! as i've lost the pages before these i was all smiles finding this video - who's up for a visit to the crayola factory?


itookmyshirtoff said...

oh my gosh! i literally almost fell out of my chair when I saw the video from sesame street! I remember watching that and being completely transfixed. thanks so much for sharing. made my day.

nath said...

oh, i found a box of Crayola in a charity shop today. I love crayons. I love the names of the colours. Those pictures are amazing!

jessica said...

so happy to make your day! this clip is a true heartbreaker.

andrea said...

I'm the same way! I have so many piles; they comfort me somehow. Little scraps of paper can be so magical.

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