17 May 2009

piggy bank.

(photo by *lapin)
it's no secret i like coins of all shapes and sizes. i have vivid memories of learning all the coins in miss parrish's class, nickel versus dime, saving and counting and pinching my pennies.
most recently i've been slowly building a collection of coin and medallion-themed jewellery and accessories. a coin belt i bought while working at design archives tops them all, and always gives the perfect cinch.
and this joan miller dress (also from design archives) is just waiting to make its debut on a crisp spring day.
in the past few weeks i've come across two more contenders. a greek coin brooch from an oslo flea market.
and most smile-worthy, these italian leather flats from absolute vintage bring together some of my favourite things: metallic leather, perforated/punched leather, fringe(!) and of course coins! they will be seeing a lot of wear in the days to come.
i think i will start saving up for an addition from opulent oddities. swoon.


Hannah said...

Oh, I like Oppulent Oddities too, I have two pieces from her and they're just wonderful.

Eyeliah SS said...

such cool pieces, you reminded me of a coin necklace i haven't worn in a while

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