10 April 2009

ladies who lunch.

i love my job [most of the time] but just as much i love lunchbreaks - i'm sure i'm not the only one countin' down to midday! i've professed my love for whitecross market before, but recently it's become even more magical. even though my beloved coffee@ has already closed (which means no iced coffees with lunch this summer) and it seems there is another abandoned shop each week, that doesn't stop the market from overflowing with people, tastes, smells and bargains each day.
it's such a treat to get out of the office for an hour and soak up the rays or dodge puddles.....and just have a bit of silly fun.


Q's Daydream said...

So yummy! I love that jumper, so cute! :o)

Tori said...

i love the jumper, also!
you are so damn cute.
& oh man, i gave up sweets for a month & looking at those donuts made my mouth water like never before.

Meaghan Kelly said...

mmmm! those look tasty! i love that you wore that jumper with tights and a blouse making a toatlly summer piece perfect for cooler spring days! :D
you look so cute!

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Very cute shot with the cart! Lunch is the best, especially as days get warmer.

Frances Baker said...

I love that outfit, you look awesome! Those doughnuts look pretty good too...!

laurakitty said...

Aww, I miss Whitecross market! I can't wait to go home to London in June- it's been far too long.

april said...

Jumpers and donuts! Yeah!

jessica said...

thanks for the sweet comments you guys.

i really like this jumper, i bought it last summer at beyond retro in soho, and i ended up hemming it not taking into account i would belt it which makes it even shorter....(!!)

thus far i have resisted the temptation of the do-nuts, they just appeared this week! maybe i will cave for a photo-op!

and laurakitty:: whitecross is so amazing at day but so sad by night. it will be interesting to see how you think it's changed.

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