08 April 2009

cabinet of curiosities.

i realise all my posts as of late have gone back in time, and although i've only been back in london for a few weeks now, things are happenin' here in the present too! i've still got a bit more to share with you from my southern adventures, but thought i would tell you some london Tales too.
this one is about both -- home and abroad.
for our first thursday late to accompany le corbusier, the gallery was buzzin' with queues out the door and a workshop by peter marigold and tony hayward called 'empty your pockets'! we were all recovering from the opening and i was hoppin' an eight-hour flight the next morning, but i couldn't resist stopping by to celebrate corbu's love of collecting. peter and tony arrived early in the afternoon for set-up and i was just in love with all the little props they'd made and brought with them, backgrounds out of wallpaper samples, stands and pedestals, backdrops, small wooden shapes etc. the idea was to get people to empty their pockets (or bags) and show us what they've got, allowing them to create their very own 'collection'. the idea is along the same lines as the 'what's in your bag?' pool on flickr, only i must say, way more funn! once the 'collection' had been assembled and arranged just-so, it was picture-time, and a lil' name placard was made for each person's display.
what was great was you could really edit your selection. when it came time to do mine, i chose only three objects from my heaving bag, the ones i thought most represented the me of recent times: gold earrings (i love these because they remind me of cookies from my childhood), YSL lipstick (again loving the gold) and my second set of eyes (you haven't seen these on my blog yet.....wouldja believe i am so blind i wear contacts all the time and then glasses over them when i'm at work.....crucial). gold and peach is such a lovely combo!
you can see more of the 'collections' here.
the hi-lite of the evening? tony and peter had the most amazing work jackets they'd bought for £1 in deptford market appliqued 'empty your pockets' onto the backs (baby pink and navy blue....another great combo!). i wasn't shy about asking to try the jackets on but i did shy away from asking if i could take one home with me - peter and tony, if you're reading this i'm still lusting....! when i got to north carolina i had a lot of packing to do. feelin' inspired after peter and tony's workshop, i couldn't pack away all my ceramics and trinkets without a few photos to hold me until we are reunited again who-knows-when.


nath said...

hello, sweet things!

that sounds like a lot of fun, i have already started (mentally) emptying and editing my (rather over-filled) own bag ready for a mini exhibit!

Meaghan Kelly said...

hi! i`ve been silently following for a while now. i had to comment because that empty your pockets thing sounds sooo awesome! thanks for posting about it!

ZombieLace said...

The Empty Your Pockets event is so neat, I loved looking at the pictures of everyone's inner pockets. You can learn a lot about someone that way! Also, you have some adorable trinkets and figurines, I'd be sad to pack them away, too.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Oh fun! I have so enjoyed the posts from your travelling. Must be nice to be home too.

Phoebe said...

I know tony - he's a neighbour and friend of my dad's! Maybe I can wrangle the jacket for you ; )

sabertooth said...

that weiner dog is drivin' me nuts!

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

i love your wee ceramics! i know how you feel about leaving your treasures behind. heartbreaking isn't it? my display cabinet at home is packed with my wee things . . . aw well, now you need to find replacements!

kerri x

sarah said...

loving the vintage ornaments, especially the top one, I've got a small but nice collection...also vintage toys.

jessica said...

hi nath, be sure to show us your mini exhibit!

meaghan kelly, thanks for commenting, i am a silent lurker myself. i really need to get out of that habit!

zombielace, watching people narrow down their 'collections' was really funnnnn. maybe peter and tony will do it again one day.

eyeliah, it was great to be back in north carolina, but i'm also happy to be in london again, my 'home' for now.

phoebs, can't believe tony's your neighbour.......let's take nobby for a visit.

sabertooth, he's really cute isn't he? henry (who i mentioned a few posts ago) gave him to me a coupla years ago.

kerri, would love to see your cabinet. i've got quite a few too many trinkets here as well. i don't know how i'll ever move back!

and thanks, sarah! the first one i found in my grandmother's house.

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