31 March 2009

the lost coin.

the day after we visited the wiggins house, the weather was still puttin' on the Tease with plenty o'warm sunshine and gorgeous blue skies, which meant i could go out in the 1950s shorts i got from design archives.
my brother and i hit another stop on the eastern north carolina tour: brock mill pond in trenton. my fondest memories of trenton are going there with my aunt in the summers when she was working at the junior high school there. we would go to this supermarket called 'oz's' and the guy was really called oz! there was a big wizard of oz theme and i just loved it....of course it now has a new owner and has lost some of the oz feel, but, as you are quickly learning reading these past few entries, i hold onto my memories and don't let go!
i had never been to the mill pond, not that i remembered anyway. and man have i been missin' out! a bit of info about the dam: 'A dam was built prior to the American Revolution and it powered a sawmill and cotton gin during the earlier years and beginning in 1917, it provided the town with electric power. The present gristmill was built in 1944. It ceased operation in 1964. This dam was damaged during the hurricane Floyd flood of 1999; restoration has been completed to its prior beauty.
another door we couldn't get into, we could only look in and wonder how it once was. and daydream about who'd been there and what happens when it gets dark (!).
after basking in the sun we drove around downtown trenton, spotting some more deserted beauties along the way.

i couldn't resist a stop on the way back, a stop i like to make nearly every visit, to my maternal grandmother's school.
the adams schoolhouse in the huffmantown road, with its lovely tongue-and-groove walls and welcoming stoop, makes me long for a time machine that much more.


Lea said...

I love your shoes here, I've been looking for shoes like that forever now, they're ridiculous to find.
I'm gonna start looking in legit stores for old men.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

I love posts, its a great dose of Americana! Your vintage outfits go perfectly with your surroundings.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

I love love love how you match the scenery in your shots :) You have such a lovely sense of style, and i'm beginning to get jealous of the fact that you can wear cute little shorts and i have to start rugging up.

Rhiannon said...

I can't believe how gorgeous NC is . . . all those abandoned buildings, and that school house!! I love the '50s shorts too . . . I've been on a big Ebay hunt for '40s shorts, thanks to you! :)

Q's Daydream said...

Oh my I adore your blog! It's my new favorite! :o)

ZombieLace said...

You look lovely in your adorable shorts, completely ready to run around and break into abandoned buildings on a nice day! That's also amazing that you have been to your grandmother's old school and it is still there! I'd love to see where my ole relatives grew up.

laura said...

that school house looks great. reminds me of little house on the prairie

jessica said...

lea:: thank you! i should say i bought those shoes one of the first days i was back home and they are already r.i.p. apparently they hadn't been worn in a while and the sole was rotten on one of them! so i held them together with duct tape as long as i could. you can't see the duct tape holding them together here! :-)
so now i'm back on the hunt right there along with you.

eyeliah and pretty little pictures:: you're too sweet! it was such a treat to go back home and not go to work for three weeks.....never knowing what time it was or what day in fact. i was thinking the other day it's so much easier to take outfit-photos back home, while in london a lotta times i feel like a country girl plopped down in front of urban settings!

thanks, rhiannon!:: i look forward to seeing your shorts!

and q's daydream:: i'm trying to get better at blogging more often, so kind words like yours are my inspiration.

zombielace and laura:: i'm very lucky that so many 'hotspots' of my family history are still around. i'm trying to catch most of them before it's too late.

beckylou said...

Oh my what a lovely outfit!
I wish I could visit those places :(

disa said...
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