23 March 2009

from the vault.

of course i couldn't go back to north carolina and not visit design archives*, the shop where i once worked and which truly nurtured my love and lust for all things old [and often raggedy]. while packing all of my things away and carting seven bags of stuff away to thrift stores, the curb or design archives was a real chore and emotionally pretty draining, it was also a real thrill to let go and have less........for a minute anyway haha. i was good tho, restraining like i never have before. and leaving in the end with only one bag.
i spent the better part of two days with kit and co., once kit let me into the back where the archives [recently frequented for 'inspiration' by designers from anthropologie among others....] rest, there was no turning back.
like a kid in a candy store [sometimes i think it's more like crack than candy!] i dove in head first and didn't want to leave. every time i thought i was making progress i discovered a new unturned mound of stuff. i started a 'jess' pile and on the second day went back for more, to try my pile on but of course couldn't resist going back in the archive rooms for one more peek. a few of the regular customers came in too and it was like i'd never left! i felt like cinderella.
i had to go thru my loot several times and narrow it down to only the things i couldn't live without. there are a few photos for you here and you're guaranteed to see these and others if you check back here...wink.
the hi-lite are these 1940 tap shorts, the perfect fit, the perfect everything. if we have a real summer in london this year you betcha i'll be wearin' these out.
i've got my whole spring-summer wardrobe now so spring please hurry back. i'm currently on the hunt for the perfect shoes.
i couldn't resist wearing the 1940s housedress (already deteriorating tho!) to my ma's big sunday dinner. all my relatives said i looked like 'a girl waitin' for her boy to come back from war'.
*p.s. i should say design archives is a real dream for the ladies, if you're lookin' for great guys' stuff no one beats ragtime vintage in asheville.


madam0wl, a.k.a Sandra said...

I'll be living in NC again by this time next week... and due to "knowing" you online for a while, I totally have Design Archives on my list of day trips. Yay. Can I be like "I know so and so?" Ha ha, I totally wouldn't. I'm shy like that.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

looks amazing! I love the dresses you brought home!

ZombieLace said...

Looks like the kind of place I could get lost in for days, you lucky thing... I am also so in love with the 40's shorts you got, I've actually been looking for some for a while, but have yet to stumble into the perfect pair.

Sacaton June said...

ah this place looks like a dream come true! i love the shorts and rosy dress you picked up!

jessica said...

sandra.....! i'm so jealous! yesss please tell kit you 'know' me, she is an avid blog reader and would love to know you found her through me. i hope you will post about it!

eyeliah:: thank you! i had gone off dresses for a while but now i can't wait for spring and summer to get here.

zombielace:: i'm sure there is a place in london quite similar, tho.....nothing will ever be like the d.a.! i'm sure you will find the 40s shorts of your dreams, i'm already thinking i need to make a pattern from these as they are sure to get worn out as soon as it's warm...or better yet before that with tights! x

CalamityJem said...

Wow...what a fantastic looking place, I'd not want to leave either! Those shorts are just darling!

Lecon de vetement said...

OHHHH I really want this to be a place I have access to :( You definitely made amazing choices though!

lauren said...

those dresses and little shorts have my heart! i am due to go to asheville soon and will take your recommendation and hit up that shop, and likely spend a bundle!

Lo said...

that is so strange! I know someone who worked at design archives in greensboro! love your blog by the way

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