30 March 2009

forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go...

southern downtowns, once neglected by sprawl and now embraced by young entrepreneurs, (and the easily heart-broken, myself among them!) are so romantic. i felt it more on this visit than ever before.
it's wondering what you missed. remembering what you had (and missing it more than ever). (wishing for that time machine again.) daydreaming about what comes next.
and smiling just knowing that for a moment, time stands still. it all makes me long for lazy sundays and john londei photographs.


Anonymous said...

where is this?

Poke Salad Annie said...

these pictures are gorgeous; so evocative! if you ever find that time machine, please leave us a trail of bread crumbs!

ZombieLace said...

What a sad, eerie, pretty town! is this also in N.C? If so, I am officially taking a road trip!

Sacaton June said...

sigh, these are so beautiful! i had my heart broken several times when i passed through the south last summer. i love the scattered bottles and containers, and those yellow-edged windows.

jessica said...

thanks you guys.

the photos are a bit of a hodge-podge from all over north carolina - some in greensboro, asheville, richlands. so a bit all over the place.

looking at these i feel eerily happy. it's a happy longing for the past, if that makes sense.

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